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Limassol, Mesa Geitonia, Panthea Mesa Geitonia 4007, Argolidos, Mesa Geitonia 4007, Cyprus

Floors 3
Delivery time 2024
Apartments for sale 9
Apartments total 10
from 4,618 /м²
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Oleg, Assistant Real Estate Agent (Licensed Real Estate Agency Reg:1234 | Lic: 603/E) [+35725714000]

Oleg, Assistant Real Estate Agent (Licensed Real Estate Agency Reg:1234 | Lic: 603/E) [+35725714000]
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Nestled atop the picturesque hillside just west of Grammar School - Panthea

This exceptional project forms an integral part of a prestigious new development comprising ten impeccably designed high-end apartments, strategically positioned within the coveted heart of Limassol. This exclusive offering presents an unparalleled prospect for indulging in opulent living, with a selection of residences affording unobstructed vistas of the glistening Mediterranean Sea from their expansive balconies.

Each meticulously crafted apartment is accompanied by its own dedicated covered parking space, ensuring both convenience and security. Additionally, a private storeroom is allocated to each unit, catering to your storage needs and enhancing the organization of your living space. As a testament to our unwavering commitment to safety and modern convenience, the main entrance of the edifice boasts an advanced video intercom system, controlling access for added peace of mind.

Project Highlights:

  • 3 Floors building

  • Security entrance door

  • Electric Gates

  • Elevator

  • Intercom System

Envisioned across three thoughtfully designed floors, this architectural masterpiece exudes elegance and sophistication. A security entrance door sets the tone for a sanctuary of luxury within. Your privacy and security are further bolstered by the inclusion of electric gates, seamlessly integrating technology and safety.

Effortless vertical mobility is facilitated by a well-appointed elevator, catering to the needs of all residents. Whether ascending to your abode or descending to explore the surrounding allure of Limassol, this feature underscores the project's commitment to convenience.

Among the project's many highlights, the integrated intercom system stands as a testament to our dedication to modernity and interconnected living. Seamlessly link with visitors or fellow residents from the comfort of your residence, amplifying the sense of community within this elite enclave.

Incorporating meticulous attention to detail, each facet of these apartments has been thoughtfully curated to offer an elevated standard of living. The architectural composition spans three expansive floors, resulting in a harmonious fusion of form and function.

Emanating an aura of refined elegance, the edifice harmonizes effortlessly with its surroundings, standing as a testament to architectural ingenuity. The security entrance door not only augments your safety but also introduces a touch of contemporary aesthetics, perfectly blending with the project's overarching design ethos.

With a keen eye on both aesthetics and security, the inclusion of electric gates provides an elegant solution that seamlessly merges form with function. This ensures controlled access while exuding modern sophistication.

Vertical traversing within the premises is a breeze, courtesy of the sophisticated elevator system. As you ascend or descend with ease, you'll appreciate how this feature enhances the overall living experience, adding a layer of convenience that aligns with the project's core values.

The integration of an advanced intercom system speaks volumes about the project's commitment to convenience and modernity. Stay effortlessly connected with visitors and neighbors, fostering a sense of camaraderie that defines life within this exclusive community.

In summary, this exceptional development redefines luxury living within Limassol's coveted landscape. Positioned atop a scenic hill and forming part of a distinguished project, these ten high-end apartments combine unparalleled views of the Mediterranean Sea with meticulously designed living spaces. The meticulous attention to detail is evident throughout, from private storage rooms and covered parking spaces to innovative security systems. Elevating the concept of modern living, this development seamlessly blends sophisticated design elements with contemporary conveniences, ensuring a lifestyle that's both opulent and secure.

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3 bedrooms, 131 sq.m. 605,000
  • bedrooms 3
  • bathrooms 2
  • NET_space 131
  • Title deed Title deed clear
2 bedrooms, 92 sq.m. 460,000
  • bedrooms 2
  • bathrooms 2
  • NET_space 92
  • Title deed Title deed clear
2 bedrooms, 92 sq.m. 440,000
  • bedrooms 2
  • bathrooms 2
  • NET_space 92
  • Title deed Title deed clear
2 bedrooms, 90 sq.m. 430,000
  • bedrooms 2
  • bathrooms 2
  • NET_space 90
  • Title deed Title deed clear
3 bedrooms, 131 sq.m. 660,000
  • bedrooms 3
  • bathrooms 2
  • NET_space 131
  • Title deed Title deed clear
2 bedrooms, 92 sq.m. 500,000
  • bedrooms 2
  • bathrooms 2
  • NET_space 92
  • Title deed Title deed clear
2 bedrooms, 90 sq.m. 500,000
  • bedrooms 2
  • bathrooms 2
  • NET_space 90
  • Title deed Title deed clear
4 bedrooms, 191 sq.m. 1,300,000
  • bedrooms 4
  • bathrooms 3
  • NET_space 191
  • Title deed Title deed clear
3 bedrooms, 91 sq.m. 800,000
  • bedrooms 3
  • bathrooms 3
  • NET_space 91
  • Title deed Title deed clear

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