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Limassol, Limassol,

  • NET_space:50
  • bedrooms:1
  • bathrooms:1
  • condition:Less than 10 y.o.

Limassol is a popular city located on the southern coast of Cyprus. It is known for its beautiful beaches, warm weather, and vibrant culture.

If you are searching for a studio for sale in Limassol, it is important to work with a reputable and licensed real estate agent or a developer's representative who is knowledgeable about the local market.

At our property marketplace we can help you find the perfect studio that fits your budget and preferences, as well as our associates can guide you through the buying process.

Only for one person?

A studio is a living space that is designed to be compact, efficient, and functional. It is typically a single room that combines the living area, sleeping area, and kitchen into one open space. Studio apartments are often favored by young professionals, students, and individuals who are looking for a simple living space that is easy to maintain.

For those unfamiliar with this type of property, it may seem that a studio for sale Limassol is only suitable for one person. But this is not entirely true.

  • For those who live with a partner, a studio in Limassol, Cyprus can be an excellent option. It offers a convenient and affordable way to live in a desirable location without the cost of a larger apartment or house.
  • Students are also a group that may find studio apartments suitable. These living spaces are typically smaller, which makes them easier to clean and maintain, which can be a big advantage for students who have limited time and resources.
  • Individuals who travel frequently or work long hours may also find a studio for sale in Limassol suitable. Studio apartments are often located in central areas or next to the main roads, which can make commuting to work or travel easier.
  • Seniors may also find studio apartments to be a suitable living option. As they age, seniors may prefer to downsize their living space, and a studio for sale can be a great way to do that without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

The advantages and disadvantages of a studio for sale

Studio apartments are small living spaces that offer several advantages and disadvantages compared to larger apartments or houses. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of a studio apartment:


  • Studio apartments are typically more affordable than larger apartments or houses, making them an excellent option for those who are on a budget.
  • Due to their small size, studio apartments are easier to clean and maintain, which can be a big advantage for those with busy schedules or limited time.
  • Studios for sale Limassol are often located in central areas, which can be convenient for those who work or study in the city. They may also offer easy access to public transportation and other amenities such as shops, restaurants, and entertainment.
  • Living in a studio apartment can encourage a minimalist lifestyle, which can be beneficial for those who prefer to live with fewer possessions and a simpler way of life.
  • Studio apartments can offer a sense of coziness and intimacy, making them a comfortable and welcoming living space.


  • Studios are small and may not provide enough space for those who require more room to move around or for storage.
  • Since studio apartments consist of a single room, there may be limited privacy for those who live with roommates or partners.
  • Due to their location in central areas, studio apartments may be noisy due to traffic, construction, or other factors, but buying a studio is a residential area can be the right choice.
  • Studio apartments may have limited options for customization, such as adding extra rooms or personalizing the space to fit specific preferences.
  • Studio for sale may have lower resale value compared to larger apartments or houses, which can make them less desirable as a long-term investment.

Limassol Neighborhoods for Buying Studios

  • Agios Athanasios - Studios in this area typically range from €80,000 to €170,000.
  • Mesa Geitonia - Studios in this area typically range from €70,000 to €180,000.
  • Germasogeia Village - Studios in this area typically range from €90,000 to €165,000.
  • Potamos Germasogeia - Studios in this area typically range from €100,000 to €210,000.
  • Neapolis - Studios in this area typically range from €80,000 to €185,000.
  • Limassol Marina - Studios for sale in this area typically range from €200,000 to €420,000.
  • Ayios Tychonas - Studios in this area typically range from €120,000 to €200,000.

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  • Flexible Financing Options

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