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Limassol's Trilogy Paradise ID: J3355

Limassol, Neapoli, Trilogy Complex Neapoli 3106, 28 October Ave 341, Limassol 3106, Cyprus

Floors 5 and more
Delivery time 2024
Apartments for sale 6
Apartments total 38
from 10,504 /м²
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Oleg, Assistant Real Estate Agent (Licensed Real Estate Agency Reg:1234 | Lic: 603/E) [+35725714000]

Oleg, Assistant Real Estate Agent (Licensed Real Estate Agency Reg:1234 | Lic: 603/E) [+35725714000]
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Discover Trilogy - The Ultimate Waterfront Living Experience

Welcome to Trilogy, where high living meets the shimmering shores of Limassol. Nestled in the heart of the city's affluent waterfront, Trilogy boasts three landmark beachfront buildings encircling a vibrant inner plaza. This impressive mixed-use sky-rise development stands as the largest of its kind in the Mediterranean region, offering a one-of-a-kind lifestyle that embraces luxury, work, and leisure against the backdrop of the stunning Cyprus sunsets.

Experience and Destination in One

Beyond being a destination, Trilogy is an extraordinary experience that brings people together to celebrate the finest aspects of life on our sun-kissed shores. The vision of this masterpiece was brought to life by a world-class collaboration of architects, designers, and developers, making it a symbol of elegance and sophistication. Embrace this unparalleled opportunity to be part of Limassol's evolving narrative and begin an exciting new chapter of your life.

Your Private Oasis Awaits

Within each building, residents enjoy their own private retreats, complete with first-class leisure facilities. However, Trilogy's true gem lies in the Oasis - an exclusive sanctuary accessible only to its fortunate residents. Here, you can bask in the embrace of the clear blue skies while indulging in tailor-made services and exquisite outdoor amenities. Take a dip in the inviting swimming pools, relax at the poolside bar, or watch your children play gleefully in dedicated play areas and gardens. This idyllic resort-like experience is just moments away from the city's captivating seafront promenade.

The Lively Public Plaza

Step into the bustling Public Plaza, stretching from the development's entrance to the center of the two front towers. This vibrant hub comes alive from dawn to dusk and beyond, with a delightful array of restaurants, bars, and shops. It's a place where residents and visitors alike can relish in the spirit of togetherness, catching up with family, friends, or colleagues over morning coffee, light lunches, early evening wine, and a diverse range of cuisines.

Trilogy in Numbers

  • A commendable energy performance certificate ensures eco-friendly living.

  • With a project investment of €350 million, Trilogy exemplifies unparalleled opulence.

  • 268 seaview apartments offer breathtaking vistas of the Mediterranean.

  • 52 state-of-the-art offices provide the perfect spaces for dynamic businesses.

  • The private oasis spans an impressive 7,500m², promising an unparalleled retreat.

  • The lively public plaza covers 6,850m², offering a thriving community space.

  • The impressive property sales and reservations mark Trilogy as a highly sought-after investment.

Embrace the Trilogy Lifestyle

In conclusion, Trilogy beckons those who seek the extraordinary - a blend of luxury, sophistication, and community living in one of Limassol's most prized locations. Whether you're looking for a place to call home or an exclusive setting for your business, Trilogy offers an unrivaled experience. Live well, work with passion, and savor every moment as the Cyprus sun paints the horizon beyond the sea. Choose Trilogy - where the art of living is redefined.

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1 bedrooms, 67 950,000
  • bedrooms 1
  • bathrooms 1
  • NET_space 67
  • Title deed No title deed yet
3 bedrooms, 165 sq.m. 2,350,000
  • bedrooms 3
  • bathrooms 2
  • NET_space 165
  • Title deed No title deed yet
3 bedrooms, 166 sq.m. 1,990,000
  • bedrooms 3
  • bathrooms 2
  • NET_space 166
  • Title deed No title deed yet

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