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Cyprus Property for Sale - 2-Bedroom Residential Development with Pool | €379,000


Welcome to our exclusive Cyprus property listing! This remarkable off-plan residential development offers a 2-bedroom property with a private swimming pool. Located in a prime location, this property provides easy access to various amenities, making it an ideal choice for individuals seeking a comfortable and convenient lifestyle in Cyprus. Priced at €379,000, this outstanding property is designed to provide a modern and luxurious living experience.

Key Features

  • Bedrooms: This property boasts 2 spacious bedrooms, ensuring ample space for residents and guests.

  • Price (+ VAT): Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to own this exceptional property for just €379,000 (plus VAT).

  • Development Type: This residential property is part of a well-planned and thoughtfully designed development, providing a secure and harmonious community living environment.

  • Status: Currently available for sale, this property presents an excellent investment opportunity.

  • Construction Stage: This property is in the off-plan stage, allowing potential buyers to customize certain aspects and add their personal touch to the final design.

  • Plot Size: Spanning across an impressive 399.12 m2 plot, this property offers abundant outdoor space for relaxation and entertainment.

  • Total Covered Area: With a total covered area of 143.55 m2, this property provides ample room for comfortable living and stylish interior design.

  • Uncovered Verandas: Enjoy the refreshing outdoors with 12 m2 of uncovered veranda space, perfect for soaking up the Cyprus sunshine.

  • Swimming Pool: Dive into a luxurious lifestyle with your very own private swimming pool, offering a cool retreat during warm summer days.

Convenient Location

  • Airport: Reach the nearest airport in just 25 minutes, ensuring effortless travel and connections.

  • Golf Courses: Enjoy your favorite sport at renowned golf courses, just a 35-minute drive away.

  • Healthcare Facilities: Access top-quality healthcare services within a short 10-minute drive from the property.

  • Schools: Ensure your children receive a quality education by enrolling them in prestigious schools, conveniently located only 10 minutes away.

  • Beaches: Indulge in the beauty of Cyprus's coastlines with pristine beaches just a 5-minute drive from your new home.

  • Shopping Centers: Fulfill all your shopping needs at nearby retail destinations, a mere 10 minutes away.

Energy Efficiency

This property is designed with sustainability in mind, boasting an impressive energy efficiency rating of (B+). Experience the benefits of reduced energy consumption while contributing to a greener environment.


Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to own a 2-bedroom residential property in Cyprus. Priced at €379,000, this off-plan development offers a luxurious lifestyle with a private swimming pool. Enjoy convenient access to airports, golf courses, healthcare facilities, schools, shopping centers, and the beautiful coastline. Contact us today to schedule a viewing or for more information on this remarkable property.

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More details


Aristo Developers Developer:

Aristo Developers

Since 1951

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Building’s block А
2 flr.2 flr.
1 flr.3 rooms
379 000
1 flr.
3 bedrooms, 111.84 sq.m. 379 000
  • Bedrooms 3
  • Bathrooms 3
  • NET internal area 111.84 sq.m.
  • Title deed No title deed yet

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