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Primo Court 2: Luxury 2-Bedroom Apartments in Kato Polemidia, Limassol

Welcome to Primo Court 2

Primo Court 2 is the latest project of the PRIMO POSTO company and is located in the Kato Polemidia area in Limassol. The project consists of 9 2-bedroom apartments, each with a private parking space and storage space on the ground floor. With an emphasis on functionality and minimalist aesthetics, all apartments are equipped with high-quality materials and specifications, both in construction and decoration, while the large balconies are ideal for enjoying the magnificent view of the city. The project is designed to meet all the amenities of the tenants, at affordable and competitive prices for the market.

Design and Construction

  • Design/Study (Anti-earthquake, Electrical/Mechanical, MEA) according to the modern European Regulations and annexes of the Republic of Cyprus

  • Class B Energy Performance Certificate

  • Thermal insulation with expanded polystyrene on the external walls and slabs that have contact with the outside

  • Sound insulation with 5 cm thick expanded polystyrene in the double walls between apartments

  • Class C30 concrete in frame/perimeter walls

  • B500C European structural steel specifications

  • Masonry made of conventional bricks with dimensions of 10x25x30 cm on the outside and 10x20x30 cm on the inside

Finishes and Features

  • Coatings: Three coats of traditional plaster on interior masonry, three coats of spatula on ceilings, three coats of enamel paint on all interior surfaces

  • Acrylic graffiti in the color of the architect's choice on the external surfaces of the building

  • Excellent quality waterproofing on external ground floor walls in contact with the floor, ceiling slab, apartment terraces, and under showers

  • Interior floors: Ceramic products, worth 20 euros/sq.m., in all interior spaces of the apartments

  • Exterior floors: Ceramic tiles, worth 18 euros/sq.m., in all the terraces

  • White sanitary ware of the architect's choice, mechanisms, and mixers of excellent quality

  • Carpentry made of melamine

  • Aluminum/Glasses: MU2500 series sliding patio doors and windows, all with double glazing (Low-e external glazing)

  • Glass protective railings on roof balconies

  • Metal railings at the entrance of the house and parking area

  • Plumbing with plastic pipes (pipe in pipe)

  • Provisions for AC air conditioning units in all areas apartments (except sanitary areas)

  • Provisions for installation of electric heating in each unit

  • Solar water heater 150L1, copper, high pressure, with two solar panels, pressure pump, and plastic tank 8001 for each apartment

  • Rainwater well and modern drainage system with a central well for the future connection to SALA

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Building’s block A
3 flr. 301
2 rooms
290 000
3 flr.
2 flr. 201
2 flr.
1 flr. 101
1 flr.
2 bedrooms, 75 sq.m. 290 000
  • Bedrooms 2
  • Bathrooms 1
  • NET internal area 75 sq.m.
  • Title deed No title deed yet

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