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Floors 3
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from 2,272 /м²
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Oleg, Assistant Real Estate Agent (Licensed Real Estate Agency Reg:1234 | Lic: 603/E) [+35725714000]

Oleg, Assistant Real Estate Agent (Licensed Real Estate Agency Reg:1234 | Lic: 603/E) [+35725714000]
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Luxurious Apartments in Omonoia, Limassol: Experience High-Quality Living in Your Dream Home

Welcome to our exquisite collection of luxurious apartments in the desirable neighborhood of Omonoia, Limassol. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a passion for spacious living, these unique residences offer an unparalleled high-quality lifestyle. Immerse yourself in the epitome of elegance and sophistication, as these apartments provide the perfect setting for your dream home.

Construction Details: The Finest in Craftsmanship and Sustainability

Each apartment has been thoughtfully constructed with reinforced concrete, ensuring long-lasting durability and minimal maintenance costs. The exterior boasts state-of-the-art solar water heaters, providing you with a continuous supply of hot or cold water throughout the day, along with a pressurized water supply system. Step inside, and you'll be greeted by European sanitary ware and high-quality mixers that exude both opulence and functionality, adding a touch of class to your living spaces.

  • Photovoltaic power systems for sustainable energy

  • Thermal insulation system using 5cm thick external walls

  • Large covered terraces for outdoor enjoyment

  • Laminate parquet or high-quality Italian ceramic flooring for a luxurious feel

  • High-quality aluminum frames with thermal breaks and energy-efficient glass for superior heat and sound insulation

  • High Provision VRV system for efficient heating and cooling throughout the building

  • High security entrance doors for peace of mind

  • Heat pumps in combination with underfloor heating and cooling systems for optimal comfort

  • Striking exterior aesthetics enhanced with Grafiato finish

Development Details: Your Gateway to an Elevated Lifestyle

This prestigious development comprises a total of 6 exclusive apartments spread across 3 floors, offering an intimate and private living experience. The special features of this development include a cutting-edge photovoltaic power system, a comprehensive thermal insulation system, generously sized covered terraces, underfloor heating for ultimate comfort, high-quality aluminum frames with thermal breaks and energy-efficient glass, an efficient VRV system, security doors for enhanced safety, and captivating exterior aesthetics that make a lasting impression.

  • Type: Development

  • Location: Omonoia, Limassol

  • Apartments: 6

  • Floors: 3

  • Special Features: Photovoltaic power system, thermal insulation, large covered terraces, underfloor heating, aluminum frames with thermal breaks and energy-efficient glass, VRV system, security doors, exterior aesthetics

Discover the epitome of luxury and elevate your lifestyle with these luxurious apartments in Omonoia, Limassol. Embrace the harmonious blend of comfort, elegance, and sustainability, as you embark on a journey towards your dream home. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to own a residence that exudes sophistication and offers an unparalleled living experience.

Research and Search Ideas:

  • Local Amenities and Attractions:

    Explore nearby amenities and attractions in Omonoia, Limassol, such as parks, shopping centers, restaurants, schools, and cultural sites. Include information about their proximity and convenience to the luxurious apartments.

  • Real Estate Market Trends:

    Research and analyze the current trends and market conditions in the Omonoia, Limassol real estate market. Provide insights on property appreciation, demand, and investment potential to attract potential buyers or investors.

  • Comparative Analysis:

    Conduct a comparative analysis of similar luxury apartments or developments in the area. Highlight the unique selling points, advantages, and value propositions of the featured apartments in relation to the competition.

  • Lifestyle and Community:

    Highlight the lifestyle benefits and community features that make Omonoia, Limassol an ideal location for prospective residents. Discuss local events, recreational facilities, and the sense of community in the neighborhood.

  • Testimonials and Reviews:

    Gather testimonials and reviews from previous residents or buyers who have experienced living in the luxurious apartments. Highlight their positive experiences, satisfaction with the construction quality, amenities, and overall lifestyle offered.

  • Sustainable Living:

    Expand on the sustainable living aspects of the apartments, such as the photovoltaic power systems, thermal insulation, and energy-efficient features. Discuss the environmental benefits, cost savings, and the positive impact on residents' carbon footprint.

  • Financing and Investment Opportunities:

    Provide information on financing options and investment opportunities available for those interested in purchasing or investing in the luxurious apartments. Discuss the potential return on investment and the advantages of the local real estate market.

  • Interior Design and Customization:

    Highlight the possibilities for interior design and customization in the apartments, allowing buyers to personalize their living spaces. Discuss the materials, finishes, and design options available to create a truly unique and tailored home.

  • Developer and Construction Expertise:

    Showcase the expertise and reputation of the developer or construction company behind the luxurious apartments. Highlight their previous successful projects, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering high-quality homes.

  • Homebuying Process and Support:

    Provide guidance and information on the homebuying process in Cyprus, including legal considerations, taxes, and assistance available for foreign buyers. Offer support and resources to potential buyers to facilitate a smooth and hassle-free purchase experience.

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Building’s block А
3 flr.3 flr.
2 flr.2 flr.
1 flr.2 rooms
1 flr.
2 bedrooms, 968 sq.m. 2,200,000
  • bedrooms 2
  • NET_space 968
  • Title deed No title deed yet

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