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Villa Harmonia: Luxurious Home with Panoramic Views in Cyprus

Welcome to Villa Harmonia, an exquisite property offering unparalleled south-facing panoramic views that stretch as far as the eye can see. This magnificent villa is designed across three levels, boasting an impressive interior space of 320-340 square meters (excluding the garage).

With its five spacious bedrooms and four beautifully appointed bathrooms, along with an additional guest toilet, Villa Harmonia provides ample space to accommodate families and guests in utmost comfort. The villa also features a large exercise room, ideal for those looking to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Moreover, the infinity pool creates a serene setting for relaxation and outdoor entertainment.

To enhance convenience and add a touch of sophistication, Villa Harmonia is equipped with a lift, allowing effortless movement between floors. The smart home automation system further elevates the modern living experience. The villa features VRV concealed air conditioning and underfloor heating, ensuring year-round comfort. The high false ceilings and a comprehensive lighting solution contribute to a warm and inviting ambiance.

Music enthusiasts will appreciate the source x 4 zones music system installed throughout the villa, enabling music to be played in various areas of the house. In the bedrooms, blackout shutters ensure a peaceful night's sleep. Furthermore, the villa incorporates a state-of-the-art burglar and fire alarm system, offering additional peace of mind and security.

Discover a home that truly encompasses the essence of luxury living. Villa Harmonia provides stunning views, opulent features, and modern conveniences, making it the perfect place to call home in Cyprus.

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Harakis Developer:


Since 1936

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Building’s block A
3 flr.3 flr.
2 flr.2 flr.
1 flr.5 rooms
2 000 000
1 flr.
5 bedrooms, 333 sq.m. 2 000 000
  • Bedrooms 5
  • Bathrooms 5
  • NET internal area 333 sq.m.
  • Title deed No title deed yet

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