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Commercial space on the beach ID: J3119

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Oleg, Assistant Real Estate Agent (Licensed Real Estate Agency Reg:1234 | Lic: 603/E) [+35725714000]
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Discover an Exceptional Commercial Space for Sale on the Beachfront!

If you're seeking a prime location in the heart of the bustling tourist area, look no further! We are thrilled to present a remarkable commercial space available for purchase on the first line of the beach. With its outstanding features and unmatched convenience, this property is sure to captivate entrepreneurs and investors alike.

Boasting a generous covered area of 150 square meters, this commercial space offers ample room for various business ventures. In addition, it provides an expansive outdoor area, providing endless possibilities for creating a vibrant atmosphere that will attract customers and visitors. Whether you envision a charming restaurant, a modern office space, or even a residential conversion, this versatile property can accommodate your unique vision.

One of the key advantages of this commercial space is its advantageous ownership status. The title is readily available, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free transfer of ownership. Say goodbye to the complexities and uncertainties typically associated with property acquisitions and embrace the convenience and peace of mind this property offers.

Furthermore, we are pleased to inform you that this commercial space is exempt from Value Added Tax (VAT). This translates into significant cost savings, allowing you to allocate your resources more efficiently towards your business aspirations. With the absence of VAT, your investment becomes even more enticing and financially advantageous.

Location is a crucial aspect when it comes to any commercial property, and this space truly excels in that regard. Situated in the heart of the tour area, it provides unparalleled visibility and accessibility. Your business will be at the epicenter of bustling activity, ensuring a steady flow of potential customers and patrons. Maximize your chances for success with this outstanding location that guarantees high footfall and exposure.

Investing in this commercial space offers not only immediate benefits but also long-term potential. The ever-growing tourism industry in the area ensures a thriving and vibrant business environment. Seize the opportunity to establish yourself in this coveted locale, where you can tap into a constant influx of tourists and locals seeking memorable experiences.

Don't miss out on this incredible chance to own a prime commercial space on the beachfront. Take the first step towards securing your business future by exploring the possibilities this property holds. Whether you aspire to open a restaurant, establish an office, or transform it into a unique residential space, this commercial property provides the ideal foundation for your ambitions. Contact us today to learn more and embark on a journey to success with this exceptional opportunity.

Research and Search Ideas:

1. Market Analysis: Conduct research on the current market conditions and trends in the bustling tourist area where the commercial space is located. Look for information on the demand for commercial properties, the competition in the area, and the potential growth opportunities.

2. Property Valuation: Explore resources and tools to determine the estimated value of the commercial space for sale. Look for comparable sales data, recent transactions in the area, and factors that may influence the property's market value.

3. Legal Considerations: Research the legal requirements and regulations related to purchasing a commercial property in the specific location. Look for information on property ownership, transfer of ownership, taxes, permits, and any other legal considerations that may apply.

4. Investment Analysis: Evaluate the potential return on investment (ROI) of acquiring the commercial space. Consider factors such as the expected rental income or business revenue, operating costs, potential appreciation of the property, and the overall financial feasibility of the investment.

5. Competitive Analysis: Identify other commercial spaces for sale or rent in the same area or nearby. Analyze their features, prices, and occupancy rates to understand the competitive landscape and compare the advantages of the featured commercial space.

6. Tourism Industry Research: Study the tourism industry in the area, including visitor demographics, tourism trends, and seasonal variations in tourist activity. This information can help assess the potential customer base and the viability of different business ventures in the commercial space.

7. Conversion Possibilities: Explore case studies or examples of successful conversions of commercial spaces into restaurants, office spaces, or residential units. Learn from these examples to gather ideas and insights on the potential conversion options for the featured commercial space.

8. Marketing and Advertising Strategies: Research effective marketing and advertising strategies for promoting commercial properties in the target market. Look for ideas on how to highlight the unique features and advantages of the commercial space and reach potential buyers or tenants effectively.

9. Real Estate Agents and Brokers: Seek out reputable real estate agents or brokers who specialize in commercial properties in the specific area. They can provide valuable insights, guidance, and assistance throughout the process of purchasing or leasing a commercial space.

10. Local Business Associations: Connect with local business associations or chambers of commerce in the area to gather information on the business climate, networking opportunities, and support available for entrepreneurs and investors.

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  • Type of property Bars Restaurants Shops for Sale
  • District Limassol
  • Neighborhood Germasogeias Potamos
  • Postal code area Dassoudi Park Potamos Germasogeias 4047
  • Address Germasogeia, Cyprus
  • NET_space 150
  • condition less than 10 y.o.
  • Title deed Title deed clear
  • energy_efficiency N/A
  • Views Sea view
  • Renovation Fully renovated
  • vat No VAT
  • furnishing semi-furnished
  • Owner Private person
  • Current owners One current owner
  • Type of street Busy street
  • parkings 1
  • Possible commercial use Retail space, Co-working, Showroom, Serviced offices
  • Possible alternative commercial use Coffee shop, Restaurant, Bar or club
  • Wellness Entertainment area
  • Building Business block
  • Features Open plan setup
  • This unit is an investment Great investment, Buy to let option

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