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Modern Apartments for Sale at The Robin Apartments - Luxury Living with Unparalleled Views

Welcome to The Robin Apartments, where luxury living meets breathtaking views. This exclusive residential complex consists of two blocks spread across the ground floor and three storeys, offering spacious and elegant apartments. With two separate lobby areas and private lifts, The Robin Apartments exude sophistication and convenience.

Nestled in the heart of the resort, just a minute's stroll away from The Village and The Clubhouse, The Robin Apartments stand tall, providing unmatched vistas of the golf course, Salt Lake, forest, and sea. This prime location makes it the ideal choice for those seeking an exceptional living experience.

Designed with utmost care and attention to detail, The Robin Apartments maximize the premium views available, while also providing ample space for organic pools that mirror the beauty of the golf lakes. For families, there are sundeck and outdoor lounge amenities to enjoy quality time together. Moreover, ground floor apartments come with the added benefit of private gardens, adding to the allure of this exceptional property.

To maintain a serene and eco-friendly environment, The Robin Apartments offer underground dedicated car parking spaces with individual storage areas. This thoughtful feature, typically found in world-class developments, reduces the presence of vehicles around common grounds. As a result, residents can relish in a safe and green public realm, complete with designated picnic and BBQ areas.

The Penthouse

The crown jewel of The Robin Apartments is undoubtedly The Penthouse. Situated privately on the third floor, this exquisite three-bedroom residence boasts an open-plan living space filled with natural light, thanks to its large and wide windows. Step onto the south-facing spacious terrace, complete with pergolas, dining, and sun lounge areas next to an immaculate overflow swimming pool, and immerse yourself in the most stunning panoramic views of the resort, golf course, forest, and Lady's Mile beach.

Each of the three bedrooms in The Penthouse offers captivating north-facing views of hole 1 of the Golf Course and the captivating Troodos Mountains. Beyond the views, the interiors of The Penthouse are equally impressive. Every bedroom enjoys its own private en-suite bathroom, while the principal suite includes an additional walk-in closet and "his and hers" vanities. The Penthouse exemplifies the epitome of elegant and sophisticated resort living.

If you're in search of your dream luxury apartment, The Robin Apartments offer a unique opportunity to embrace a lifestyle of opulence, tranquility, and natural beauty. With its unrivaled location, world-class amenities, and carefully designed spaces, The Robin Apartments are more than just apartments; they are a statement of refined living.

Don't miss out on this chance to own a piece of paradise. Contact us today to schedule a viewing and discover the splendor of The Robin Apartments. Experience luxury living at its finest amidst stunning panoramic views - your dream home awaits!

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Cybarco Development LTD Developer:

Cybarco Development LTD

Since 1945

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Building’s block A
3 flr. 301
3 flr.
2 flr. 201
2 rooms
590 000
2 flr.
1 flr. 101
1 flr.
2 bedrooms, 89 sq.m. 590 000
  • Bedrooms 2
  • Bathrooms 2
  • NET internal area 89 sq.m.
  • Title deed No title deed yet

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